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The Glossary

Stackback The wall area at the side of the window covered by the curtain. The curtain ‘stacks back’ or folds into this area when opened.
Track A metal or plastic rail from which the curtains are hung from gliders
Valance A gathered band of fabric hung from the front edge of a pelmet board or valance rail. It hides the track and curtain heading. A valance is the fabric equivalent of a pelmet and serves the same purpose.
Pelmet A fabric covered band of buckram or plywood which is fixed onto the front edge of a pelmet board. It conceals the curtain track and heading.
Pelmet Board A piece of planed timber fixed to the wall like a shelf, used to support a curtain track or valance.
Piping Cord sandwiched inside a strip of fabric, often in a contrasting colour, and inserted into a seam.
Return The space between the front of the window treatment and the wall. This is covered to give a neat finish.
Heading The way the top of the curtain is finished
Architrave The wooden surround to a door or window frame.
Contrast Binding Strips of contrasting fabric sewn onto the edges for decorative effect.
Finial A round or pointed shape, screwed into a curtain pole at both ends to contain the rings.
Puddling Extra length to allow curtains to lie on the floor
Interlined Curtains A layer of fabric is sewn between the main curtain fabric and the lining
Blackout Lined Curtains Blackout lining is available in white, cream or beige and looks similar to ordinary lining but has a rubber coating on the inside to block out light.
Voiles Sheer fabric
Pencil Pleats Curtains with the heading gathered on tape, they can have a 1″, 2″ or 3″ heading.
Double Pinch Pleats Curtains made with a handmade buckram heading made with a double pleat and a space before the next pleat
Triple Pinch Pleats Curtains made with a handmade buckram heading made with a triple pleat and a space before the next pleat
French Pleats French Pleats is another term for Triple Pinch Pleats
Box Pleats A row of folds in alternate directions. The extra folds can be taken either to the front or the back for the desired effect. The folds butt on to each other to form a box shape with no space in between.
Goblet Pleats Pleats made like pinch pleats with a proportionate amount of space between each pleat but instead of being pleated they are shaped like small goblets
Curtains with Attached Valances This is a drop down valance attached to the curtain, it draws open with the curtains if space is limited.
Shaped Headings Curtain headings which are shaped to outline the shape of the window
Shaped Pelmets As above they are made to follow the shape of the window
London Blinds A soft pleated blind with inverted pleats at each side giving a little fullness, falling into a shallow scoop with drop down sides
Austrian Blinds / Festoon Blinds Gathered pull up blinds, originally hung in Georgian houses with elegant tall windows
Roman Blinds Elegant blinds which look like flat panels when down, but pleat up into even horizontal folds
Roller Blinds A simple & inexpensive window covering. A flat piece of fabric rolled a metal roller.
Venetian Blinds Slatted blinds running horizontally made in aluminium
Vertical Blinds Slatted blinds running vertically
Wooden Venetian Blinds Slatted blinds running horizontally made in wood
Eyelet Curtains Eyelet curtains are made with metal edged holes at the top which can then be inserted on to a metal curtain pole. They produce crisp pleats and are the best solution to avoid too much stack-back.
Tiebacks Tiebacks hold curtains away from the glass to let in the light. Many different styles can be made, ruched, platted, plain with a piped edge, etc.
Tab Headed Curtains A modern look. The curtains are made with individual loops (tabs) which hang over the curtain pole
Bed Valances A skirt or frill which is placed underneath the mattress to conceal the divan side of a bed
Bed Covers A plain flat cover for a bed with rounded edges
Bolster A cushion shaped like a tube and covered often to fit at the top of the bed over the pillows
Loose Covers / Slip Covers Made to cover sofas and chairs. These can easily be removed and washed.
Swags and Tails The ultimate way to dress a window, fitted onto a pelmet board or draped on a pole. They give the illusion of continuous fabric, although made up and fitted separately.

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