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Made to measure bespoke curtains

Handmade Curtains and Curtain FittingYou may be looking for simple Pencil Pleated curtains but would like to see pattern books in the comfort of your own home against existing furniture and fittings.

The pattern books can be left with you, without obligation, to view in different lights. This allows you time to come to your own decisions without any pressure.

Perhaps, you would like to discuss curtain linings, such as black-out lining or even different coloured curtain linings. Interlining can be incorporated between the curtain fabric and the lining to act as thermal insulation or simply to add a touch of luxury. Fire retardant linings to comply with Health and Safety Regulations are also available
Create individuality with a range of curtain heading styles. French (Pinch), Goblet and Box pleats produce a tailored look, or you may prefer more contemporary designs like Eyelet, Tab Top or curtains installed on a Wave system.

A dramatic look can be achieved with  elegant Valances and Pelmets (shaped & straight). You can soften the look with voiles or add decorative trimmings which can act as the ‘icing on the cake’ and re-enforce the whole design.

  • Lined, Blackout lined, Interlined curtains
  • Pencil pleats, Triple pleats or double pleated headings
  • Box Pleats, Goblet headings or Cartridge Pleats
  • Eyelet, Tab or Wave headed curtains
  • Voiles
  • Shaped curtain headings for that awkward window
  • Curtains with attached valances
  • Valances (shaped or straight)
  • Buckram pelmets
  • MDF pelmets
  • Tie-backs

Recreate the past with fabrics from Sandersons & Morris & Co. William Morris (1834-1896) was the single most influential designer of the 19th century.  Sanderson founded in 1860 is celebrating its unique record of 150 years of design with a vintage range of fabrics and wallpapers that reflect the fashion and mood of the times. Alternatively, Romo have a huge array of contemporary designs.

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